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Raising of the U.S. Flag on Suribachi, Iwo Jima.  One of those men was a Pharmacist Mate, a pre-curser to the title of today's Hospital Corpsman. For a background of this incident in History, see the movie,  "Flags of our Fathers".  We corpsmen come from a heroic past of those medical personnel stationed with the U.S. Marines. 

Numerous FMF Hospital Corpsmen have been awarded the Medal Honor, our Nations highest award!

'Unit 1',  carried by all corpsman in the field in Vietnam. It contained an assortment of field dressings, guaze pads, bandage scissors, adhesive tape, minor surgery kit, petroleum pads, copper sulfate pads, one can of albumen, syrettes of morphine  and any other items that the corpsman could fit into it, such as cough syrup, antibiotic pills and creams etc.  Today, Corpsman have a backpack of goodies!

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