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My Wifes Vision
   In 2005, I ran the Marine Corp. marathon in Wa. D.C. I dedicated it to Charlie, in honor of his service as a corpsman with the U.S. Marines. Following a successful race, Charlie and I explored the national mall.  When we visited the Wall, we were deeply saddened by the seemingly endless rows of names  along this earth’s black ribbon.  As many have, we also felt a deep respect for those  past, and guilt, for being in the safe harbor of those returned.
     Near the Wall, we saw the "Memorial of Three", and though it fills a purpose of acknowledgment, we left the area, feeling a sense of imbalance and incompletion with the Wall.  Something was missing.
    In contrast, the Korean and WW1 and WW2  Memorials are elaborate and give a well driven home sense of a job completed and well done.  
    It wasn’t until two weeks later that it became very clear to me what was missing. The Wall needs a counter balance, a sense of the continuation of life- not just of the prodigious loss.  When Vietnam Veterans visit the Wall, they stand alone and they leave alone.
     My Vision is for a "Welcome Home Memorial," to be on our nation's grounds, across from the Wall. This is to "welcome home" those who have survived, who have returned. A surviving link to the blackness of the Wall.  This too, is for the supporting families and friends, who stood with them, so far away.  All were affected. 
      I am prepared to present my ideas, both written and pictured, regarding this important and vital project.  I am currently in search of support to see this through. WE can make this come true. It needs to be there.
If you are interested and/or know of someone who can be of support please fill out the contact information below.
If you feel a need for privacy, just complete the e-mail address so we can contact you.
          -Cotah Rose

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