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"Corpsman Up!" is much more than Doc Rose's sharing of the often horrific experiences of a one U.S. Corpsman in Vietnam. We learn that no participant survives war unscathed - inner wounds may not be so visible, but can easily be as destructive. We all need to be aware of his profound message. I highly recommend "Corpsman Up! - there is a powerful message for each reader."  -Bruce Swanson, author of Gray Wolf's Search
"This is a gutsy and honest portrayal of one man's experience in Vietnam. "Doc" Rose risked his life repeatedly in order to rescue wounded Marines on the battlefield. Advancing through thick jungles, extreme heat and leech infested waters, Doc sought out fallen comrades and rendered first aid until helicopters could transport them to a hospital. Seeing the war through Doc's eyes is both heart-rending and uplifting. As this sensitive man struggled with his own traumas, sinking deeper into depression, his true heroic nature revealed itself. “Corpsman Up” provides rare insight into the emotional casualties of combat. This book is for anyone who wants a glimpse of the real Vietnam War without having to dodge bullets and mortar shells.' Rosalie More, Author
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